Locally inspired,
with widespread appeal.


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A gathering place for guests and locals alike.

The challenge with hotel restaurants and bars is that they are often passed off as guest-only venues. So when the team at Westin Hotels in New York approached us to devise a restaurant identity that would reach well beyond its core guests, positioning it as a local destination for the entire Grand Central neighborhood, we were thrilled to break the mold wide open. We wanted to craft an identity that would put a pin in the city’s map, but also have the adaptability to be used anywhere our client’s hotels were opening. Thus, The LCL was born.  

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A strong identity, from every viewpoint.

Since the interiors were being designed as we were crafting the identity, we had the distinct advantage of being privy to the creative ideas that were generating the choices of color palette and furnishings, and using these same foundational concepts to inspire our own work. This helped us to create a truly unified set of branded communications.

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At home, in every city.

The LCL’s identity comes to life in its hyper-local, all-day menus, which feature regional suppliers and seasonally rotated selections. Its welcome sophistication and polished vibe draw repeat customers, from casual diners to local business clientele. But the brand is flexible — we created a turnkey package, including guidelines and templates, so that the Westin team can take the concept anywhere it wants to go next.

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