Redefining an experience through deeper connections.


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Many practices, one intention.

Part of the innovative Equinox brand, PURE Yoga was striving to establish its premium niche among a crowd of competitors. With two exclusive locations in New York, it offers pristine studios with luxurious amenities in a sophisticated environment, a departure from the grassroots nature of most other yoga studios. While the brand had evolved to address the needs of busy New Yorkers who expect the best in fitness and seek an elevated experience, the challenge lay in communicating the studio's unique value in a competitive marketplace.  

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Finding focus in personal transformation.

Rather than concentrate on PURE Yoga’s service offering, we wanted to understand and fulfill on the deeper purposes of each member. To achieve that, we gained unprecedented access to front-of-house staff, instructors, and members who engaged us in honest dialogues about why they practice and what they hope to achieve in their personal journeys toward enrichment. This idea of the journey became our North Star.

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Complete integration, inside and out.

At the core, we redefined the brand’s tone of voice to better address our strategic recommendations. In addition to crafting a strong mission statement, we also created targeted messaging to keep members engaged at every stage of their personal journey, and to ensure the brand’s communications are always strategic, efficient, and effective. 

When it came to the brand identity, we enhanced the logo to better reflect PURE's focus on yoga. A dynamic color gradient was chosen to represent the fire within, and the warmth and growth of the practice. We also introduced a dramatic cropping of their proprietary photo library to highlight powerful moments, emphasizing the athletic nature of the sport. Through this effort, we were able to redefine the brand’s existing assets, putting them to aspirational and authentic use without coming off as unapproachable. 

With the guidelines completed, we trained PURE Yoga’s in-house designers to implement the refresh, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a lasting impression.

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