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Flawless service meets the perfect source. 

If you’re an interior designer, chances are you’re familiar with 1stdibs. An online marketplace that started as a listing resource in 2001, 1stdibs creates connections and provides access to some of the best dealers, finest shops, and best-known galleries in the world. 

With our extensive experience working with premium loyalty programs and finding targeted approaches to connect with a business’s customer base, we were an ideal partner to address the communication needs of the 1stdibs trade program. Our task was to communicate to their buyers that a trade specialist would take the legwork out of finding rare and special items, and to soften resistance to making online purchases directly through 1stdibs. 

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Defining the beauty of membership.

The 1stdibs trade specialist is a personal assistant who finds items designers are searching for, handles price sourcing, and deals with international shipping and insurance protection. They can be trusted to assist and simplify, removing a layer of complication to a busy designer’s process. 

To communicate this, we crafted a tailored DM brochure, which included a letter from the trade specialist and his or her photo to deepen that personal relationship. Every piece we created for the brand communicated the huge benefits of membership: centralized access to the best dealers and galleries in the world, and a personal assistant to manage the details of buying rare objects at every step of the way.

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