The untold story behind a legendary rock-and-roll band.


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A landmark film, ten years in the making. 

What began on day one as a task to give visual style and a voice to the investor package used to pitch Motocinema’s documentary concept became a partnership that lasted through the film’s Sundance premiere and into its international theatrical release. We spent ten years alongside the production company as they crafted the deeply personal, landmark project uncovering the real-life story of Kit Lambert and Christopher Stamp, the two gentlemen who discovered rock-and-roll icons The Who. We worked directly with the filmmakers to ensure their vision for the film was reflected in the materials we delivered, from the inception of the idea up until the theatrical release. 

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Giving a story an identity of its own.

We were tasked with creating a powerful visual identity that spoke to the core focus of the film, the relationship between Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, which did not get overshadowed by the band itself. Lambert & Stamp captures the culture of the time, the music, and how The Who was emblematic of a period in history. We worked with the original photography and stills from the film, utilizing the beautifully rich, gritty black-and-white images to capture the authentic rock-and-roll style, and show the personal point of view of the filmmakers. 

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From Sundance to the world stage.

Our work set the tone for all the above- and below-the-line communications. This included a website to promote the film, connect to social media, and showcase press releases. And Sony took notice, picking up the film while our project was underway. We rolled out a promotional marketing strategy that included a targeted social media campaign, knowing that strategic use of social platforms would be key to engaging the broadest audience of fans across generations. By the time the film hit the big screen, we had been a part of the whole journey, designing and producing everything from promotions to merchandise. 

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