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The launch of luxury. 

In today’s fashion industry, the creation of a brick-and-mortar store can be a make-or-break move. It's a competitive landscape, even for an established high-end cashmere brand like Rani Arabella. Their impeccable quality and timeless design would serve as inspiration for a new brand identity for the launch of their first-ever boutique on the Upper East Side. We examined every last detail and considered how our work would carry the brand forward, serving it well beyond this significant milestone.

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Excellence in every detail.

Our refined design elements and custom logotype enhanced the brand’s modern Italian aesthetic, while pairing well with the premium qualities associated with their impeccable cashmere products. From the texture of the paper stocks to the rich brown hue of the ink, our materials were selected to complement the fine noble fibers and exquisite details in each article of Rani Arabella clothing and all of its luxury home goods. The design of every piece we delivered matched Rani Arabella’s high levels of craftsmanship, signaling an unwavering commitment to elevated luxury for their discerning clientele. 

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