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Articulating a modern approach

For ultra high net worth individuals, managing money and assets is anything but simple. Momentum and Vesta, two companies with the same ownership that offer advanced planning services, help to smooth out the complexity of protecting multi-generational wealth. Going beyond traditional financial advising, providing access to a large network of professional resources to assist their clients with insurance, estate planning, and real estate, Momentum and Vesta wanted help communicating their niche within a crowded landscape.

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Finding synchronicity, fostering differentiation

We targeted our efforts on the development of a familial logo system. Representing separate companies with the same ownership, each mark had to be related to each other, but also be clearly differentiated. The unifying component we devised is the use of staggered lines. Those in the Momentum logo form a series of steps, representing upward and forward motion. In the Vesta logo, they create an underline effect, evoking balance and confidence.

Each logo was brought to life in business cards with high-end production techniques designed to make a strong and lasting impression with new clients.

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Evoking sophistication and expertise

Along with the new branding, our clients wanted to create a powerful impression online and establish their credibility. To prepare for a relaunch of the Momentum website, we crafted streamlined content so prospective customers could get a clear sense of the value of working with Momentum. We concentrated their process into five steps and outlined the company’s broad capabilities without resorting to a long list, keeping language premium, authentic, and conversational.

With a long scroll structure and the use of parallax, the new site conveys a sense of sophisticated modernity, signaling the forward-thinking approach to advanced planning that Momentum provides.

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